signature series wakeboard tower


The Joystick Signature Series Wakeboard Tower is our latest model.  This Tower is rock solid and will look great on any boat.

 The is made with super stout 2.5 inch diameter tubing.

 The Tower has cross plates for added strength.   The plates are 22 inches long by 5 inches in height and a full 1 inch thick.  The inch thick plate coupled with the 2.5 inch diameter tubing makes this one of the stiffest Wakeboard Towers on the market. 

The cross plates come ready to accept the Wakeboard Rack forks.

Colors: black, white, silver, red, navy blue, forest green, yellow, burgundy, and dark gray.  We can also do custom colors.

The Signature Series Tower will fold down for storage.

100% Made in the USA!!

Price   1099.00    or     1250.00 with racks